Skate Around The Rink At Big Spring Park

January 2nd, 2023 by

a family spends the day ice-skating outdoors

The holidays may be over, but there are still a few days of winter break left. Your kids have played with their toys that they got for Christmas and have binge-watched plenty of movies. They are growing a bit stir crazy, and to be honest, so are you. You and your kids need to get out of the house and enjoy time in the brisk, fresh air. What can you do outside on a cold winter day? For Huntsville residents, you can enjoy a day skating around the ice rink at Big Spring Park.

Skating in the Park

The Skating in the Park is celebrating its 10th anniversary this season. Be a part of the fun. Even if you have already come to the ice skating rink during the holidays, you can still enjoy another day on the ice. Make it a photo opportunity as well by having the kids dress up in their cute new clothes they received for Christmas.

McDonald’s DJ Night

If you want to make your family outing an evening event, then you will not want to miss McDonald’s DJ Night. This will take place on Friday, January 6th from 7 to 10 pm. While the rink will actually be open starting at 4 pm, the DJ will not start playing until 7 pm. The cost is between $5 and $15, depending on your age group as well as whether you bring your own ice skates.

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Coming To an End

Every good thing must come to an end, and the same is true for Skating in the Park. The last day to enjoy the ice rink at Big Spring Park is on Sunday, January 8th. You can skate any time that day from 12 pm to 8 pm. Of course, you have the entire first week of January to visit the ice rink as well. Do not pass up this chance to entertain your kids while they are still out of school for winter break. Bundle up the kids and come to Big Spring Park to come skate right behind the Huntsville Art Museum.

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