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Regular auto maintenance is essential for the longevity of your vehicle. One of the most important services your car needs is oil changes. Your vehicle needs oil to keep every element running well, but how often you get your oil changed is dependent on a couple of factors. Understand these facets, so that you can best care for your vehicle.

The Average Car Model

There are a variety of car models that range in size as well as age. The manufacturer type, size, and age of a vehicle do affect when a vehicle needs an oil change. On average, it is customary to change your oil in intervals of every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. It is also dependent on the type of oil that your vehicle requires. Many newer models use either synthetic-blend or full-synthetic oils. For those models that use full-synthetic, you may be able to go for 15,00o miles in between oil change services. Play it safe by trying to always adhere to the recommended manufacturer maintenance schedule.

Older Car Models

If you own a pre-owned vehicle, then you should be aware that your vehicle should follow one of two maintenance schedules. The schedules are defined as either normal or severe. A severe maintenance service schedule will require maintenance services to be schedule more often. Your older vehicle model will most likely fall under the severe service category if your car is mostly used for short trips of five miles or less, there is constant stop-and-go driving, the vehicle is used to tow a trailer or carry hefty loads, and the climate you drive in is especially cold, hot, or dusty. However, if your pre-owned model is operating under normal conditions, then you should follow a normal service schedule. This will typically mean changing your oil based on mileage. Be conscious, though, of scheduling services you do not necessarily need.

New Car Models

For drivers with a new car model, these vehicles come equipped with monitoring systems that will notify you when it is time to change your oil. There have been systems in the past for vehicles, but these were merely based on how many miles were driven or how much time had passed. These later systems take into account driving conditions.

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