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Whether you are searching for your next brunch spot or simply need a caffeine fix, you need to visit Charlie Foster’s. Located at the eclectic Stovehouse in Huntsville, AL, Charlie Foster’s is a wonderful coffee shop that offers in-house coffee blends. From the moment you step into Charlie Foster’s, you will find that this coffee house is unique and wonderfully welcoming.

Incredible Menu

Coffee lovers will appreciate the standard coffee drinks provided at Charlie Foster’s such as lattes, cappuccinos, and single origin pour steady coffee. The coffee shop, however, does offer some unique beverages like the Dirty Dr. Pepper, an Orange Mocha, and the Butterscotch Cold Brew. If you need to grab a bite, Charlie Foster’s offers an array of sandwiches, breakfast burritos, pizza bagels, and more.

Holding Onto History

The coffee shop pays homage to its city’s history. Huntsville used to be the site of two textile mills in the early 1900s. At the time, children worked in the mills, and one of the children was Charlie Foster. Just your typical boy who loved to play, Foster’s picture was taken by journalist Lewis Hine, who used Charlie’s photo in a presentation to Congress that would lead to the end of child labor.

Making Sure Everyone Is Included

While Charlie Foster’s makes incredible coffee, that is not the shop’s sole purpose. The team at Charlie Foster’s states that their goal is “to model inclusion to our community.” The coffee house carries out its purpose by employing people with intellectual and/or physical disabilities who are treasured members of the Charlie Foster’s team.

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Stop in at Charlie Foster’s

Stop into Charlie Foster’s in Huntsville today. As you enter the coffee shop filled with light coming from the iconic rose-colored glass that adorns the coffee house, you will be glad you got your coffee at Charlie Foster’s.

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