Fun Winter Activities For Kids

January 9th, 2023 by

Camping indoors

When your stuck inside with your kiddos on the weekend it’s easy to run out of ideas to keep them occupied and entertained. After they’ve watching their favorite cartoons, played hide in seek, and pretended not to hear you when you said, “don’t throw the ball in the house,” boredom starts to set in. Well here are a few fun things you can do with your little ones when it’s too cold to go outside this winter.

Bring the Outside In

This popular interior design trend can be applied to your little ones as well.  If you have large outdoor toys or play centers that will fit in your garage or den, bring it inside for a few hours. Your kids can burn of some energy on the slide or monkey bars. You can put it back outside afterward or keep it indoors for the winter.

Go Camping in Your Living Room

One of the best things about having children is their vivid imaginations and ability to suspend their disbelief. With just a little preparation you can create a camping experience right in your living room. Set up a tent, supply them with sleeping bags and snacks, and their wonderful little minds will do the rest. It only takes a little guidance to set the stage for their pretend forest, you might come back to find them “hunting for food,” “hiding from a bear,” or telling spooky stories.

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Create an Edible Art Project

Instead of making a snack tray with cheese sticks, fruit, and pretzels, turn snack time into an artsy crafting project. Art projects are a wonderful way to allow your child to experiment, explore, and learn to express themselves with confidence. This project is also a fun way to get them to eat more fruit. All you need to get started is flavored gelatin, yogurt, fruit and a plastic cutting mat. You can use this tutorial to put together an edible paint pallet for your little ones.

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